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5 October 2012

Head of the EEUA regional office in Pakistan in Educational TV show 

Another peculiar event that happened last week is the participation of Mr. Waleed Shah in a TV program dedicated to the higher education. For the record, Mr. Shah is the head of the Eastern European Association regional office in Pakistan, who has accomplished a lot to promote higher education in Russia and in Ukraine. This time the Assistant General manager of the  infamous AVT Channels(Pvt) ltd ( which incorporated AVT Khyber,Khyber News and K2 channels) Mr. Zeky Ur-Rahman himself hosted the show. Precisely due to the high professionalism and сommitment to work made this programme as informative and interesting as it is. His range of questions was both sufficient and challenging, thus Mr. Waleed Shah exercised his best efforts to present a full picture of the advantages of the higher education in Russia and in Ukraine. He explained that in terms of both cost-effectiveness and quality Russian and Ukrainian universities do not give way to European or American institutions. Mr. Waleed Shah exemplified numerous opportunities that open in front of Pakistani students in case they opt for Russia and Ukraine as their destinations to study. The eloquent speech of Mr. Shah proved that the Eastern European Association of Russian and Ukrainian universities is gaining more influential positions in the sphere of higher education.

The EEUA group expresses its gratitude to Mr. Waleed Shah for his meticulous work and earnest efforts as well as to Mr. Ur-Rahman for this invaluable opportunity to participate in such a remarkable show!

Video of the TV programm on youtube


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