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24 June 2012

The FAM trip – Fabulous, Amazing, Memorable!


June 2012 turned out to be a remarkable month for both the Eastern European University  Association and for some of our partners who were lucky to participate in the first familiarization trip (hereafter  FAM trip) to Russia and to Ukraine. The results proved to be positive – our guests got a valuable  opportunity to observe the life in these countries, to learn many Russian and Ukrainian people as well l as to get a closer look at the universities our organization collaborates with. 


The journey started on June 17th in Moscow. The guests managed to have a short overview of Moscow’s sights and visited several prominent universities. Next stop was Belgorod – a city located just 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.  Our partners appreciated the hospitality of the representatives of the Belgorod State University who hosted our group. This town is renowned for its calm and relaxed atmosphere, which our group appreciated a lot. Afterwards the partners were transferred to Ukraine, spent a day in Kharkiv and made a tour to several universities of this central Ukrainian city. Sightseeing was provided by our team, and everyone remained pleased.  Next two days the group spent in two other Ukrainian towns – in Poltava and in Zaporizhzhya. Both Poltava University and Zaporizhzhya State Medical University accommodated our guests during their stay. The last days were spent in the capital of Ukraine – the great Kiev. These days were marked by amusing excursions and interesting attendances to Kiev universities. Some agents had a chance to watch the famous white nights in the fabulous cultural capital of Russia – St. Petersburg. 


Suffice to say that in spite of the hectic atmosphere and pace that prevailed during the trip, it was abundant with great impressions, positive emotions and fruitful discussions!  It was a pleasure to learn more about the aims and goals of our partners, which now allows our organizations to develop more exact strategies of collaboration. We have certainty that this trip only strengthened the determination of our sides to work together! 


In conclusion our team would like to thank our first participants and wants to encourage other partners to join us on our next FAM trip, which will certainly be an even more distinguished event! This is yet another step towards recruiting more students to Russia and to Ukraine and towards making these countries truly desirable places to get higher education! 























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