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5 May 2013

EEUA conducted a series of seminars on Russian & Ukrainian education in Lagos, Nigeria


EEUA strongly believes that nowadays it is crucial for prospective students to be able to get clear and up-to-date information about education from the first hands, which is the reason why EEUA representatives annually come to Nigeria to provide prospective students with all the necessary information and assistance for getting admission to Russian and Ukrainian state universities.

Thus, during the official holiday week in May in Russia and Ukraine, EEUA staff was working diligently and productively. On May 02, Mrs Zoya Nastychenko, EEUA regional representative, flew to Nigeria in order to organize a series of seminars in the second capital of Nigeria – Lagos. The Nigerians are known to be ambitious, hard-working and result-driven, which makes them interesting candidates for admission, along with the fact that as a rule they have very good academic performance.

All students, both high school juniors and seniors, as well as those already having a Nigerian degree, were welcome to participate in the seminars together with their parents or guardians. The presentations were held in various places free of charge for the participants. All students were provided with various informative leaflets and had an opportunity to watch videos about different cities and universities in order to get an insight in what Russian & Ukrainian education is all about.

This time EEUA also made an appearance on air in the afternoon OSRC TV programme which was broadcast in all 13 states of Nigeria. Among the main issues discussed in frame of the interview were the quality of Eastern European education, educational system in Russian & Ukrainian universities, main advantages of Eastern European degrees, recognition of Diplomas, admission requirements etc.

We are pleased to say that the visit to Nigeria turned out to be exceptionally productive and informative for Nigerian students. We believe that these seminars are essential both for providing students with accurate information and for dispelling the most widespread prejudices about Russia concerning discrimination and hard weather conditions.

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