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16 June 2013

EEUA successfully attended International higher education fair «Perspective»and offered new opportunities for Tunisian students!


Eastern European University Association successfully attended the International higher education fair «Perspective» in Tunisia on June 13-16, 2013. The fair was held in the major cities Tunis, Sousse and Sfax and was visited by a large number of Tunisian students intending to obtain their degrees overseas.

The students were mainly interested in degree recognition, admission procedure, mediums of instruction and language requirements in Russian and Ukrainian universities. EEUA Executive Director, together with EEUA long-term revered partner World Study Center, provided all the necessary information along with various supporting handouts and leaflets. Given the number of Francophone nationals, the advertising banner and information leaflets at EEUA booth were also available in French language so that the students could get the most precise and clear information.

The students showed great interest in both Ukrainian and Russian universities. French medium programmes, offered in several universities in Russia, aroused particular attention and excitement among French-speaking community. Furthermore, the majority of students were eager to get acquainted with Russian and Ukrainian culture through the informative video materials brought by the association, i.e. Russian and Ukrainian cities and universities, as well as students’ feedback from different universities.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays Tunisia is regarded as one of the most progressive Middle Eastern countries in terms of gender equality, health and social policies, and therefore the students from this country are warmly welcomed at Russian and Ukrainian educational establishments.

In order to discuss the topical issues of student recruitment to Russian and Ukrainian universities EEUA made visits to Russian and Ukrainian embassies which resulted in mutual cooperation solutions being established.

All in all, EEUA visit to Tunisia proved effective and productive, and the Tunisian students in their turn, got an insight into what studying in Russia and Ukraine is all about. EEUA will continue to participate in Tunisian fairs in order to increase students’ awareness of education opportunities in Eastern Europe.

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