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23 June 2013


EEUA have held a Students Olympiad in Ethiopia for a scholarship in Belgorod State Technological University

Under the patronage of Falcon Academy - one of the most advanced and well recognized schools in Addis Ababa, Eastern European University Association, along with a representative of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, held a Students Olympiad in Mathematics on the premises of Russian Cultural Center on June 21, 2013.

It should be mentioned that Belgorod State Technological University is trying to provide most favourable admission conditions for foreign students and has thus assigned a special reward for the 2 winners of the Olympiad – a scholarship for studying the Preparatory course. 


Ethiopian students were thrilled with this prospect and eagerly participated in the Olympiad. Participation in this event gave them an excellent opportunity both to assess their knowledge and evaluate their admission chances. Although it was a great challenge for them, Ethiopian students were grateful to be given the opportunity to explore their education level and take their chance to win a scholarship for studying in BGTU - one of the most prestigious universities in Russia.


Altogether, the Olympiad, which was visited by 150 students, turned out to be a very positive experience for young Ethiopians. Special credits for the successful implementation of this event should be given to the owner of Falcon Academy - Mr Dereje Ayalew, who organized the venue and promotion for the event.


The Olympiad was followed by a Student orientation seminar in frame of which EEUA representative acquainted Ethiopian students with particulars of Russian and Ukrainian education. Special emphasis was laid on the advantages of studying in Russia and Ukraine, degree recognition and admission requirements in different universities. The students listened with great attention and became truly engaged. After the Seminar EEUA representative gladly answered numerous questions providing the students with a clear picture of Russian and Ukrainian educational system.


Ethiopian students were enormously grateful both to Falcon Academy and Eastern European University Association for organizing this unique event which not only gave them a chance to win a scholarship and personally meet Russian university representatives, but to acquire useful academic experience and get unbiased information about Russian and Ukrainian education as well.




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