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29 June 2013

Eastern European University Association participated in the international education fair in Harbin, China

EEUA took part in international fair "Education overseas" which took place in Harbin, China on June 29 2013. This grand event was organized by EEUA highly respected partner – DLT consultant who managed to attract a large audience of students willing to further their education abroad. The fair was held in New Paris Hotel and was visited by  more than 1000 students with their parents.

Overall more than 50 universities from 20 countries all over the world participated in the fair. However it was EEUA stand that was constantly in the limelight and attracted the largest number of young Chinese, their parents and guardians. This is due to the fact that it was the Russians who played the crucial role in Harbin’s establishment, who liberated the city from the Japanese and made significant contribution to its subsequent development. Basically Russians are in high respect and honour here.

EEUA representative provided the students with information on current programmes offered in Russian and Ukrainian universities and the necessity of the Preparatory course in order to continue education in Russian medium. The students asked numerous questions about teachers, living conditions, extracurricular activities etc. and EEUA explained the education system ofRussia&Ukraineand told the students about highly experienced teaching staff, century-long history of education, its affordability and the facilities provided for foreign students on campus. Chinese students were really engaged and developed keen interest in studying inRussians many of their fellows have already done with success.

Mainly, students were interested in studying in Russian language and it should be noted that a great number of them have already acquired certain Russian language skills which no doubt will help them in their future studies in Russia. Over the last 5 years  Chinese students have been coming to Russia for their degree and as a rule they have had high academic perfomance in the chosen universities. This positive feedback, along with affordability of higher education, attracts new students to Russian universities.

EEUA visit turned out to be productive and incredibly pleasant owing to the aptness and professionalism of the event organizers, DLT consultant, and the warm hospitality of Harbin citizens.

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